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Stories from the frontiers of the HIV epidemic.
In many societies sex work and sex between men are the subject of strong disapproval and legal and social taboos. Their association with HIV and AIDS compounds existing stigma and reinforces discrimination and human rights violations.

This often means that the lives and experiences of men who have sex with men, sex workers and people living with HIV are shrouded in silence and invisibility. This makes it harder for communities affected by HIV to claim their rights, and for others to understand their experiences and needs.

Unheard Voices, Hidden Lives is one step towards changing that. This book is the result of a participatory photo project which involved representatives from community-based organisations of men who have sex with men, sex workers and people living with HIV from the International HIV/AIDS Alliance’s Frontiers Prevention Project in India, Ecuador and Cambodia.

Participants met at workshops where they were given cameras and photographic training. With their new equipment and knowledge they were asked to photograph their lives and those of their communities.

The result is Unheard Voices, Hidden Lives. In their own words and images the individuals in this book invite us into their lives to share their experiences, hopes and fears. This gives voice and visibility to communities at the frontiers of the AIDS pandemic that are all too often unheard and hidden.

The participatory photo project was implemented with the assistance of PhotoVoice.