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Training course on News Writing Skills for CoE staff and outreach Workers

KHANA policy and strategy team in collaboration with Cambodian Women for Peace and Development (CWPD), one of KHANA partners, organized a training course on News Writing Skills for COE staff members and outreach workers at the restaurant comme de la maison, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, from 12 to 14 August 2014. Twenty-four outreach workers and CoE staff members participated in this training.

Participants are trained to develop slogans, image-messages, video-messages and sound messages that are useful for advocacy for policy changes. They are also trained to develop a personal case study, hot news, and a feature.

“They are given a lot of chances to practice what they leaned by writing news,” said Mr. Mey Sovannara. “I am happy when I can see them being able to use their smartphones to capture their messages and send them to friends and the public,” he added.

Participants were primarily given a chance to list their issues/concerns. The results include distribution of ARV-expiration, funding cuts from USAID and Global funds, non-use of condoms among multiple partners, rapes, salary-delays, medial personnel’s misbehaviors, political discrimination, unemployment, low-wage, etc.

“They did advocate redressing the said issues/concerns,” said Mey Sovannara. “Most of them do not know how to use a computer, but their hand-writing is fine. They photograph them and send them to friends and the public through their smart phone.”

Among four key topics, participants are able to develop in place key messages and to report hot news, but they commit to develop a case study and a feature at their work place or home. 

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