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PLHIV woman and her baby died in the state-run hospital

Hang Thivy and her baby died on 30 October 2012, several minutes later after she delivered her baby in the provincial hospital of Battambang, Cambodia.

Thivy’s family said she died becasue of the medical personnel’s ignorance and carelessness; however, chief of the hospital refused and said medical personnel worked very hard to help her and her baby; however, it was so quick that she died of heart attack. Her baby died of two cycles of placenta tightening the neck like hanging the neck.

Medical personnel at the hospital reported that Thivy used to abandone ART for 28 days while she migrated to Thailand and worked there. Thivy’s mother said Thivy did not take part in any activities of the non-governmental organization and did not disclose her HIV status to others; however, the medical doctor knew as she was treated at the state-run hospital with ART and to check her pregnancy there.

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