Our Collaborating Partners


KHANA works closely with the Royal Government of Cambodia, and contributes to the national response by following the national frameworks for action in alignment with the priorities of the Government.


Within the Ministry of Health, KHANA works closely with the National Centre for HIV and AIDS, Dermatology, and STIs (NCHADS, http://www.nchads.org/), the National AIDS Authority (NAA, http://www.naa.org.kh/), the National Centre for Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control (CENAT, http://www.cenat.gov.kh/en/content/cenat-website-launching) and the National Maternal and Child Health Centre (NMCHC, http://www.moh.gov.kh/?page_id=304〈=en). Through its involvement in national technical working groups at the Ministry of Health, KHANA has contributed to the development of national strategic plans and standard operating procedures.


Within the Ministry of Social Affairs, KHANA is a member of the National OVC Taskforce (http://www.novctf.gov.kh/), and works closely with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.


Through its work in harm reduction and in providing support and services to people who use drugs, KHANA works closely with the National Authority for Control of Drugs (NACD, http://www.nacd.gov.kh/).


KHANA also works in collaboration with the UNAIDS Cambodia office.