Our programmes – MStyle

MStyle is a branded and rights-based HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health program for Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), in Cambodia. The program was developed by FHI 360 under the USAID-funded PRASIT project (2008 – 2012). It has since been endorsed by the National Program for country-wide implementation with technical quality assured by USAID’s KHANA-led HIV Flagship project. As part of this transition to technical assistance and away from service delivery, Mstyle is now being franchised through other donors, including the Global Fund and USAID-SAHACOM.


The key programmatic strategies of MStyle are as follows:

  •  To implement targeted and branded behavior change approach for subgroup of MSM emphasize risk reduction and promote safer sexual partner
  • To promote and  increasing access to health information, products and services among MSM
  • To build a supportive environment for MSM sexual health by mobilize stakeholder  and other
  • To build the capacity of implement agency staff ,partner and stakeholder  to plan implement manage and monitor the program
           -  The MStyle  Program cover on MSM in Cambodia, Key program activities including:
                The delivery of core package of the service consisting of three components: promoting and providing
target education, condom and lubricant as well as systematic health service referral for HIV and STI                                   screening, delivered via individual and group level outreach conducted at MSM hotspot
             -  MStyle club ,with office access to reliable relevant sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information                               as well as information on non- health service, including social safety net protection , occupational training                      and drug use treatment support MStyle Club also offer MSM  safe space to relax and socialize
             -  MStyle website which offers information, education and support. 

The importance of a branded approach cannot be ignored:

  • Mstyle has created loyalty, easy access to referrals and recognition of trust-worthy information; delivered through trained peers who treat each MSM with respect, recognize what is important to them, and aim to improve health-seeking behavior. Mobility among MSM in Cambodia is high. The highly recognized Mstyle brand gives MSM the ability to quickly find similar support in a new location.
  • The flexibility of a branded program allows other components or approaches to be added at marginal cost, rather than developing a whole new program, ensuring that the evolving needs of MSM can be met.

Package of services

Mstyle stands apart from other programming among MSM because of its positive and non-stigmatizing tone that runs through all messaging, materials and interventions. Mstyle provides a core prevention package that aligns with the national Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Boosted Continuum of Prevention to Care and Treatment. This package is delivered through community-based Mstyle Club and peer outreach, and includes:

  • Education and behavior change communications using specially developed tools and materials produced quarterly to keep MSM engaged
  • Condom/lubricant distribution or promotion
  • Systematic health (STI diagnosis and treatment ) and social service referrals