How We Work

KHANA works through a strong network of implementing partners at the community level, providing funds for programme implementation, and technical support to strengthen their technical, organisational, and financial capacity. KHANA also connects its partners to other sources of support, and gives them and those they work with a voice to strengthen the community response to HIV and AIDS.

KHANA’s commitment extends to an alignment with the frameworks of national and international strategies in order to guarantee more collaborative, unified and consistent work within Cambodian and regional contexts.  At the national level, KHANA has aligned itself to those plans set out by NCHADS, the National Strategic Development Plan, the National AIDS Authority (NAA), and the Ministry of Health (MoH). At the global level, KHANA has aligned with the HIV/AIDS Alliance and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to form a larger picture in terms of helping KHANA more effectively contribute to health and development needs.

As KHANA looks ahead, it will continue to live by a “Lead, Contribute, Adapt” philosophy and will greatly benefit from it by:

  • maintaining leadership in areas of expertise;
  • staying connected, relationship-oriented, well-known, and trusted;
  • building enviable structures and professionalism;
  • optimizing  value for money, prioritizing and focusing;
  • meaningfully contributing to the national programs through technical excellence;
  • constantly innovating and adapting to change; and
  • remaining committed to all aspects of its work along with communities being served.