Core Values

The following core values form the foundation for all KHANA's work:

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: KHANA strives at all times to offer value for money within a process and results-oriented framework built on professionalism, social responsibility, and sustainability.
  • Learning and SharingKHANA produces and uses evidence-based research, innovates and pilots new ideas, and incorporates knowledge and best practices into all of our work. KHANA’s findings and research are utilized and disseminated to build the knowledge of all stakeholders.
  • Good GovernanceKHANA exists for the benefit of the communities it serves, and as such, communicates and operates transparently and with accountability. KHANA helps build the capacity of communities and other organizations to develop these practices as well.
  • Collaboration and PartnershipKHANA believes that complex issues benefit from the input of multiple stakeholders who hold a range of perspectives. KHANA has benefitted as a result of the relationships formed with communities, organizations, and government bodies.
  • Gender EquityKHANA promotes equitable access to services, inclusive input, and leadership at all levels. The KHANA team works to decrease gender disparities in society, and to end violence and power inequalities within relationships.
  • Diversity: KHANA supports the rights of KP, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intersex (LGBTI), and other vulnerable groups in order to build stronger awareness and respect for diversity. KHANA also influences policies that promote and build inclusivity for all.